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Stop the broadcast of mindless, misogynistic and regressive daily soaps on television.

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Being a ninety's kid, I had the privilege of growing up in the age of sensible television shows like Humlog, Circus, Nukkad, Hip Hip Hurray, Dekh Bhai Dekh, and not to forget, The Bournvita Quiz Contest. In those times, options were few but content was classy, sensible, and relatable.

These days, it's painful to see the deplorable state of Indian television. On one hand when the Indian film industry is coming of age with mature content in movies like Pink, Dangal, and Piku, the television industry has taken a complete u-turn with it's regressive, mindless, and illogical content. 

The television​ is a mouthpiece that can be used as a weapon to educate the masses and bring about a positive influence in the society. Instead of doing that, all that the television does these days is show how girls are only 'sanskaari' if they perform their duties as a wife to the tee. It shamelessly shows infidelity and how it is a man's birthright to marry at least thrice. Overtly dramatic performances and horrendous costumes and makeup would make an average person with normal intellect cringe in their seats. 

While a leading channel preaches 'nayi soch' to get their shows running, I find no change in the content of their shows where all roads lead to Rome.

It is time we put an end to this and bring in shows that can have a positive influence on the society, not take us backward by several years.

We demand good quality shows on Indian television. If you can't do it, rerun the old shows.

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