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stop media to publish photos of people defecating in the open.

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Imagine one fine day you see your picture, defecating in the open in newspaper.

wouldn't it horrify you?

recently actress twinkle khanna tweeted a photo of a person defecating in the open on mumbai beach. also almost everyday in one or the other newspaper we see these pictures.

we all know that open defecation is  prima-facie a common but complex problem in india, and in some more underdeveloped countries.

though government has refocussed on the issue by launching swachh bharat abhiyan, of which eliminating open defecation is one of the objective, which is commendable.

today we are talking about RIGHT TO PRIVACY and honourable SC has also conferred this on countrymen.


i understand that raising the issue of privacy seem contradictry as they already do this openly, but do note that even they choose some lonely place like fields, garbage piles etc., so that no one or almost not everyone can see is also shameful for them.

there is also problem of mindset but by and large it is the scarcity of latrines that force them to defecate in the open.

so, i humbly request to the ministry of information and broadcasting to issue advisory prohibiting the publication of their photos in media.

i also urge all media persons to not to publish their is not ethical journalism from my point of view.

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