Requesting the I&B Dept to seize the TV9,ABN, TV5 regional news channels.

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I am the citizen of this country from the state of Andhra Pradesh.
Inorder to enclose the above subject Our News Channels - Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited so called "TV9", Shreya Broadcasting Pvt Ltd so called "TV5",
Amoda Broadcasting network so called "ABN", have been telecasting the Missleading news from the past six(6) months like as follows:

1.Projecting abusive words,
2.Telecasting False News,Strongly Highlighting the gossips(not true)
3.Creating nuisance in public by telecasting debates on Irrelevant topics which has no use to the public (contains abusive, unparliamentary language)
4.Violation of Media Guidelines and also Constitutional Individual Rights.
5.Making allegations with out any relevant proofs.
6.Violating Journalism and supportive to some Political parties.

Being an responsible Citizen, individually I'm requesting to sieze these above mentioned channels which is harmful to the common public,
we are unable to sit and watch these channels with children and women or family members. So we request you to take a severe action on these channels.
We hope this will be useful to the public of Andhra Pradesh state.

Thanks & Regards,
Indian Citizen