Ban PeaceTV, arrest Zakir Naik - Mentor of Dhaka attack killers

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Ban PeaceTV, arrest Zakir Naik - Mentor of Dhaka attack killers

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Agniveer started this petition to Shri Arun Jaitley (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India) and


- The terrorists behind Dhaka attack met on Zakir Naik social media page. Zakir Naik is the same person who believes in killing/converting Hindus to reach heaven.

- Captured leader of ISIS module of Hyderabad, Ibrahim Yazdani has confessed of getting influenced by Zakir Naik. This he revealed, made him search for violent organizations to establish Sharia law.

- Agniveer has been warning since 2009 about the malicious intention of Zakir Naik. Now the whole world is facing consequences.

- PeaceTV is the media channel preaching terrorism in the name of preaching Islamic literature. It's president and founder - Dr Zakir Naik has been a mentor of terrorists worldwide. It was banned a few years ago due to Agniveer's campaign but is now back on air.

- Zakir Naik has openly said that he fully supports Osama Bin laden, Taliban and any terrorist if they are following Quran, the word of God. He further says every Muslim should be a terrorist.

- Zakir Naik routinely ridicules religious symbols of all other faiths including various sects in Islam in a manner that promotes religious hatred.

 - Zakir Naik justifies why ISIS practice of sex-slavery of Yezidi women is absolutely right and as per Islamic texts!

- Had the Govt of India taken Agniveer's warnings since 2009 seriously, numerous innocent lives could have been saved from being butchered by fanatics!


- It's high time to get PeaceTV banned.

- All the associated celebrities and politicians be thoroughly investigated for terror links. 

- Zakir Naik be arrested and banned from preaching in India (He is already banned in several other countries including UK, Canada, Malaysia.

- Other prominent orators of PeaceTV be thoroughly investigated for terror links.

- Ban the website of Islamic Research Foundation and all it's literature. This is what terrorists across the globe are consuming to become radicalized enough to kill anyone not knowing Quranic verses. 

Please sign the petition and act fast to force authorities to take swift action against Hate-monger Zakir and associated party. This is the first step towards preventing future Dhaka like attacks occurring across the globe currently.

Defeat the ISIS and Al-Qaeda ideology infiltrating the most powerfully secured nations through medium of internet, and causing internal bleeding through terror attacks. Their goal is to destroy nations from within by brainwashing the fanatically inclined. No army is capable of countering such a maneuver unless whole of the nation and its citizens are also vigilant and committed to thwart any threat on their Motherland.

Let Humanity prevail!

Vande Mataram!

Help Agniveer fight terror, rape and love jihad. We have saved many. Want to save more.

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This petition had 3,283 supporters