Sexual harassment is a Criminal Offence-as Statutory warning in Movies and Serials

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The debate on what violent entertainment does to society is as old as an commercial entertainment television.Each time National crime Statistics are discussed ,there is an inevitable reference to entertainment television and commercial cinema.

Violence and conflict are an Integral part of human experience.Both are necessary for drama. It becomes problematic when entertainment media begin to show gratuitous, anti social violence and violence against women and conflict as the primary source of the entertainment.

Madeline Levine ,a clinical Psycologist and the author of "viewing violence".How media violence affects your child's and adolescent development says in an interview."The media, as major disseminators of attitudes, assumptions and values can ill afford to ignore their responsibilities while asserting their rights. Cinema and television doesn't kill people ,but it provides the ideas and social sanction and often even the instruction that encourages anti-social behaviour".

Studies measure in minutes the violent content in Movies and prime time soaps telecasts.Violence  against women was divided into actual violence,verbal violence,conspiracy to commit violent acts ,conspiracy to murder,physical assault,rape,kidnap and other such instances where deliberate physical harm to victim is shown.All are  criminal offences under the Indian Penal laws.

The law and order machinery that appears occasionally on the movies and shows merely takes the brutality of the whole drama to higher pitch.mostly acting in behalf of the villains.

Looking at these one would suspect there is an operational Criminal Procedure Code or legal system in the country. It is the need of the hour to educate and warn people about the violent actions in the movies and Serials they watch.

U.N. Women asks  Governments address the challenges that are holding women and girls to Step it up "Planet 50-50 by 2030" for Gender Equality. Passing New laws and strengthening existing ones is one way to Step it Up. 

India had N number of laws but enforcement and eradication  of violence by creating programmes ,plans and policies is very important .

As an young advocate I have been working in Gender Equality by bringinh awareness on laws and preventive measures. When I was counseling  Eve teasers ,an offender stood up and asked me -" singing a song ,following a girl is shown as heroic action in movies and Serials , and they are not punished or warned- from that I learn it's not an offence.

So,it's duty and responsibility of film makers,heroes who are worshipped to allow the Statutory warning on the violent content shown in the movies and Serials.

I request the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to make it a rule ,a statutory warning at all the violent content as-

#Sexual Harrasment is a Criminal Offence

#Respect Women