Ban the Television Serial "Bikele Bhorer Phool" on Zee Bangla since it Promotes Polygamy

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"Bikele Borer Phool" is a television serial aired on Zee Bangla. It shows a Bengali Hindu family where the husband (an educated medical practitioner) cohabits with two wives in the same house, without any apparent remorse or fear of law. It also shows that both of his wives are supportive of this arrangement. His first wife often encourages his second "wife" and her husband to engage in a physical relationship. The serial promotes polygamy, which is illegal as per Hindu Marriage Law, and denigrates women. It also indirectly promotes social injustice, since the second "wife" is from a financially disadvantaged family, and seems gratified by the arrangement because of the improvement in her living standards after "marriage". I request immediate ban of this serial, because of its immoral and very wrong message to the mass. If an educated husband like the doctor portrayed in the serial is supportive of polygamy, our society is in a very sad situation indeed.