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Dear friends and allies,
We are reaching out for your support in the effort to protect me and my husband, and all gay couples whose relationships are called into question, who are persecuted or unfairly judged by the authorities, and who suffer as a result of misguided and dangerous public perceptions. 
We are Néstor (an Argentinean born Canadian citizen) and Lucio (a Spanish Citizen). We live in Barcelona.
We are a loving couple who wish to remain together in Spain. We were married in August 2012. During the last six years, we have faced many trials together. We have lost loved ones, and we have survived personal and professional and challenges, as a family - always united.
Until November 2017, we enjoyed daily life together, like any other family; sharing joys, facing our problems with courage and grace, and dreaming of our future.
After five years of marriage and co-habitation in Spain, in accordance with Spanish Immigration protocol, Néstor submitted an application for permanent residency, to which he is legally entitled as a spouse of a Spanish / European citizen. In less than 24 hours, the Immigration Office in Barcelona concluded that our marriage was a union of convenience. With this resolution, the Immigration Office revoked our legal right to be a family.
In disagreement with this decision, our attorney submitted the due appeal in December 2017. After three months of uncertainty and aggravation, the Immigration Office failed our family again, insisting in March 2018 that our marriage is a union of convenience.
Having exhausted the administrative channels, we have only the Spanish judicial system as a last resort. We are appealing to you to help us overturn the unjust and inaccurate judgement by the Immigration Office, to help us rectify this situation.
We are two people who love each other and have the love of our relatives and friends. We are good sons, and brothers, and cousins as well as good guiding uncles for our nieces and nephews. We are supportive and respectful of all our relatives and friends and neighbours. We are good citizens and we believe justice should be served to preserve the integrity of our relationship that is based in true love and respect.
Please sign our petition, to request to the Ministry of Justice in Spain to invalidate the erroneous decision made by the Spanish Immigration Office in Barcelona and grant Néstor Gaetan permanent residency.