Make it Mandatory for Schools to Educate Children About Consent

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With India becoming the most dangerous place for women to live in, being a woman means that your life is in constant threat. The year of 2019, we have seen eleven year old girls abducted and raped to rape victims going to the court for her hearing to be burnt alive. Rape is not only exclusive to female victims.  More than 32,500 cases of rape were registered with the police in 2017, about 90 a day, according to the most recent government data. The number of rapes in India are not going down and the only truly way to see a difference is by making it mandatory to educate young children while they are young.

"Differences in gender roles intensify during adolescence when boys enjoy new privileges reserved only for men – such as autonomy, mobility, opportunity, and power. Whereas girls have to start enduring restrictions. Their parents curtail their mobility, monitor their interactions with males and in some cases even withdraw them from school. This is why India is in great need of comprehensive sexuality education or modules focusing on sexual violence and exploitation awareness."

Therefore, it is important for schools nation-wide to sensitise and educate young children on sexual assault, rape, and consent. The security that we face as citizens in our own streets is nil and the only way we can change this is by systematically changing behaviours and actions.