Education System must include matters of moral values, ethics and purpose of life.

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There is big flaw in our current education system of India resulting in limited contribution to national development with respect to actual potential.

Our Education system are creating more Job seekers / cleark mentality them Entrepreneurs.This in turn increasing the dependable youth rather than Independent one.

Moral values and Ethics are not a matter of focus in our Education system.

Very few students have clarity about the Goal and Purpose of their life.

Creativity has got no room only STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects are focused on main stream and widely preffered.

Immediate attention is needed in the way the education is being imparted to the future of nation.  There is a big gap in theory taught and  practical  application on ground considering today's scenario.

Overall, we are creating an education system which is focused on creating machines rather than building innovative minds.

Because present system focused on syllabus completion and marks obtained rather than understand the knowledge of actual usage of education in practical ground. 

Over all effectiveness of education system is very less specifically in Rural areas, as per our the Survey Report of ASER(Annual Status of Education Report) 2017

All this contributing towards increase in unemployment, poverty, crime and creating hindrance in the growth of India.

Finally My Plead is that Focus on ethics and moral education need to increase to make understand our youth about the expectation of nation from them toward their contribution  to move the development wheel of India in fast rate.