A plea to the Universities during the time of this Pandemic

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Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us. Mental health is diminished and social life is being halted for good. 

Amidst all of this chaos, students have been asked to continue their studies through online classes.  This move coming from the Universities was a good thing in terms of Continuity of Education towards the future of the Nation. 

That being said, the quality imparted through these online classes have not helped learning in ways that it should have. Attending online classes starting from 9am to 4pm followed by assignments that take up most of the evening, leaves no time for students to actually STUDY. Given these circumstance where Syllabus has been asked to be completed by the end of MAY without certainty of how much has been actually understood by the students. 

Defining the problem in simple words:

The students of our country right now are scared, mentally struggling and fighting a battle with their mind of consuming what they study, to be registered and reproduced on paper during the examination. Getting a low score is equivalent to failing and that is something anyone wouldn't like.

Solution :

The student community has raised a lot of questions and these questions need to be answered by the concerned authorities. We urge the universities to listen to what the Students have to say, act in favour of the students during times like these. The students are calling for cancelling of Exams, but if that might not be a feasible solution into this matter, we urge the authorities to LISTEN to what the students have to say via a Q&A on twitter or any other means, but we call this to be on a public domain and not with a few people behind closed doors. 

The students of this country need this at the hour, we hope we can voice our concerns to be heard by the Authorities.