Equality of Races in Private Sector

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The current or previous practice or whatsoever conditions that has impacted on this matter.  Why there is a dominance by a particular race in an organization?  Especially Chinese. I am not against Chinese but i respect all races because they are human beings first.Why there is job openings? and even though we have all the required criteria or could be better to fit the organization,  they still just call because of the name and when seeing in person due to the colour complexion we people are rejected? ? A chinese boss or management are only concern to bring up and build the career of a chinese employee, so how about the other race people in the company?  Need to fill up the quota? Or just to fill in the blanks? Or need all the races management people to bring up their own race?  When there is an official meeting they can still speak chinese even some other races are there?Where is the respect then? I am not against chinese.I am a chinese too but sadly mixed blood chinese so the chinese impact is not pure. Some policies need to change equality in job segregation and post has to be studied back. An organization should have a fair number of employee and not monopolied by a particular race. Why cant an organization have a equal proportion for majority races?  Malays.,Chinese,  Indians and etc. There are a lot more talent and eligible people regardless of race are there in Malaysia its either they go with the flow, or conclude this issue cannot change or comfortable as this has not impacted them.  This is new Malaysia. Please stop discriminating and be so obssessed of the race. All races have the same blood labelled as Human. This has impacted me but sad and depressed as those in position and powers are misused.Hope there could be something done by the new Government even if its involving private sectors. 

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