Unheard Voices of mentally disabled: Need for change in educational system.

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There are certainly very few laws regarding the children and adults who are suffering from mental disabilities and which effects the lives of several parents and guardians they are dependent on. Many of the parents,already having other liabilities,fail to cope up with such situations and consider their children as a life long burden. Sometimes even the parents who are well-off and can provide every possible assistance to their children are having stress issues. In this petition, I will work upon the legislation which is required for the children and people who are incapable to lead a normal lifestyle,without financial stability and inability to work for themselves. The major problem in the society for the mentally disabled people starts when the general public do not accept them as a contributing citizen rather deny giving them jobs. The petitioner believes that a particular law which will enable the mentally disabled people,who are capable of understanding the nature of the work and can perform it without any disturbance to the public,should be enacted to give them a sense of Independence and this will also help the parents or the guardians,as the case may be,to believe in their children and make him/her pursue in the activity he/she likes. The petitioner will focus on the laws required for setting up institutions,counselling boards,trusts,schools,special education therapies,occupational therapies and speech therapies and certain other activities required for improvement of the students including job opportunities with such disabilities.