Save the name of Allahabad University from being changed!

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MHRD has asked the Executive Council to propose the change of name of Allahabad University. Please come forward, sign this petition and save this heritage institution from losing it's grand identity.

Allahabad University, established in 1887 is the fourth oldest University in India, after Calcutta, Madras and Bombay University. It was the first University to be established in a non presidency town. 

With time, names of cities like Calcutta, Bombay, Madras changed but their Universities are still known with their original names. Then why is the name of Allahabad University being changed?

Allahabad University is not just a name it's a global brand with a legacy of 133 years. A concrete pillar of education in modern India. Changing it's name would alienate it's lakhs of alumni and great statesmen eho have made their institution proud in all corners of the world. 

Its time of global crisis, and changing name would bring unnecessary burden on the public funds. Governments priority should be to align the current session of the University and improve it's standard of online and other classes. The focus should be on improving the facilities being provided to students than to waste money on such unnecessary activities. 

All of us must come forward and save this institution from being lost into oblivion. Changing it's name will kill it's rich heritage and the overall identity.

Please support the cause.