Proper Condition of facilities in National Institute of technology,Mizoram

Proper Condition of facilities in National Institute of technology,Mizoram

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Yash Pandey started this petition to Ministry of Human Resource Development

I am one of the graduated student of National Institute of Technology , Mizoram. NIT Mizoram (In short) , which is recognized as one of the institute of National Importance in field of Engineering and  technology, started in 2010 under    F. 23-13-2009-TS-III Dated 30th of Oct. 2009 and 3rd March 2010 by then governing party of Indian National Congress.

NIT Mizoram, indeed being an institute of "National Importance" , is not able to provide basic human amenities to the student since the inception of it. Few years back,in 2012,  We, as the second batch, and our seniors, first tried to pull the strings to bring attention of authorities towards the problem , but all efforts went into vain  as a direct result of "fake" promises made at that time.

But the situation has worsened after all these years, One of the student has died because of the "flawed" facilities working perfectly fine only on papers. The food quality and water quality served in the campus has cost life of a  person, an important resource of the national and a family living under the roof of hopes. 

The college authority has been informed innumerous times about the problem of squalid food and unhygienic water systems (There are no RO purifiers in the hostels) but seemingly the authorities didn't take any prior action. 

The student , Devsharan, has died on 30th March  in Guwahati, Assam, after suffering from septicemic shock, as per the medical reports. He was on his way to his hometown. As per the information, the student was seen catching symptoms few days back to which he informed hostel warden and asked him for leave , which concludes he wont be able to appear in Mid-Term examination. The warden neglected the situation and did not permit him to do the same.

The negligence and mismanagement is the reason of demise of Devsharan. The institute has been running care free ignoring all the health and medical conditions of students. The authorities has blindfolded themselves against all the responsibilities they bear to provide an environment where students primary focus is on studies and excelling in field of Technology rather than fighting for their own basic rights.

The students of NIT Mizoram do not have access to media facility to cover this.

The need of the hour is to uproot this ignorance towards hygiene so that this does not happen with any other student. His life could be saved if he would have been given prior attention from the authorities.

I submit this petition, to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development  India , to investigate the matter as soon as possible and bring justice to Devsharan and also to the current students studying.

And I urge people to  sign this petition asking the authorities of NIT Mizoram to ensure quality food and water supply and to implement a system that addresses the problems of students.



Updates : The students has been getting some media coverages , but the authorities are still trying to suppress them by intimidating them on academic level. There has been no words of direct communication from central government or concerned higher authorities as of now .


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!