NSUI Demands End of Uncertainty Around Exams; Promote Students Without Exams

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NSUI Demands End of Uncertainty Around Exams; Promote Students Without Exams

The academic year has been disrupted due to the unprecedented nationwide lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic. With delayed academic calendar and the possibility of online examination without course-work being complete, there is a great deal of trepidation among the students.

The NSUI has already stated that online exams are likely to be discriminatory to the underprivileged students given the highly uneven access to infrastructure and connectivity. It is also inadvisable to conduct exams without completion of course work in a physical class.
In light of this, the NSUI has the following demands:

1.All Students in Year 1 and 2 should be promoted without an exam. Extra classes for course work missed should be conducted after universities re-open.

2.Students in Final Year should be promoted based on past performance with 10% extra marks since it is observed that students improve their performance in the final year.

3.We also demand that universities should completely waive off the semester's fee. Families across the spectrum have suffered great economic loss. We believe that in this time, the education of our youth should not suffer and hence demand that one semester's fee is waived.

Universities may seek additional funds from PM Cares fund where teachers and University staff contributed.

Students are the future of this country and their future shouldn’t be uncertain and dark due to this unprecedented crisis.
We demand a complete waive of the the semester fees and mass promotions of the students to the next year, as all the other suggested ways by UGC is somewhat discriminatory to the poor and unprivileged students.
If you agree with these three demands, please sign this petition and send it to at least 5 of your friends.