No retest for Math and Economics board exams

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On 28th March it was announced that the Math board exam for Class 10 and the Economics board exam for Class 12 was to be retaken due to the paper being leaked in certain parts of the country. This is very unfair to the students in these two classes as -

1) For most Class 10 students the math exam would have been the last exam (excluding those students with second languages like Sanskrit, French etc) Students were left very disappointed when they heard that the exam was to be rewritten sometime within the next week. For the Class 12 students, the Economics exam was over on Monday, 26th April. Once again, students were very upset to hear the news of the re-exam. 

2) Many students had planned holidays or activities starting after their exams. The news of the re-exam has ruined all of those plans and therefore even led to a loss of money for some who had booked plane/train tickets etc and now are to forced to cancel the same.

We ask that the Board understand the plight of the students and if necessary, reconduct the exam only in the places where the paper was leaked as other students had no access to the leaked paper and therefore wrote the exam honestly, and it is unfair to burden them with another exam just after they put in the effort and finished the planned exams.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

- Class 10 and 12 students writing the CBSE board exams