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Allow graphology (study of handwriting) as an elective subject.

Graphology (gra·phol·o·gy), aka the science of studying handwriting to understand the personality is the cheapest self-help and self-assessment tool available to one and all.

The advantages of learning graphology are as follows.

  • Primarily graphology is a self-help tool. You may also understand others better with handwriting analysis using graphology.
  • Handwriting analysis can be used for marriage, recruitment, partnerships, child development, even criminology.
  • Graphologists who have learned graphology and can conduct handwriting analysis is a self employment career option.

The advantages of formally teaching graphology are as follows.

  • Formal graphology education will help standardize it.
  • The awareness and acceptance of graphology as a self-help tool will increase.
  • Graphology can become a tool of choice for counselors and educators. 

Knowledge of graphology is freely available online and is often taught by graphologists.

If taken away from fortune-tellers and given serious study, graphology may yet become a useful handmaiden of psychology, possibly revealing important traits, attitudes, values of the 'hidden' personality. Research for medical graphology (which studies handwriting for symptoms of nervous diseases) already indicates that handwriting is more than muscular. - Handwriting as Character. Time magazine, May 25,1942

Global Graphologists Association is an 'association' of graphologists, a section-8 non-profit public limited company driven by membership with the main objective to promote graphology and graphologists.

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