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Make every school and college in Andhra Pradesh sponsor one child


Every child has a right to live with basic needs like clothing, food and education. In a developing country like India, we individuals don't have the resources to make that happen. We all know that every school and college in our country has enough funds to sponsor at least ten children every year. If not ten, they are capable of sponsoring at least one child.

All we are asking is, every school or college should adopt or sponsor one child until he/she can support him/her self at the age of 18 or 20. Doesn't the government have the responsibility to make sure that every child in country gets education? And don't we, as citizens of India, have that responsibility too? We are asking the government to make a rule that every government and corporate school and college should adopt and sponsor a child.

India doesn't want to have any children without education left in the next few years. Sign this petition to make that dream come true for India.

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  • Ministry Of Human Resource Development, Chief Minister Of Andhra Pradesh

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