Changing ES in India

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why can't everyone be educated..?

  • When everyone can use a Mobile phone when a person is able to understand everything ..? 
  • Thisis for everyone to think why there are layers of people of various creed..? 
  • Whenthe person earning rupees 100 per month to a person who's earning 100 Lakhs that's a crore.. when all the people are born in India..! So why can't we make it happen..? 
  • So let us all form a team and make all the utilizable Government Schools and educational institutions strong and powerful equivalent to the corporate schools..!
  • And as a Citizen of our country we all have right to Take a part in those schools..! So then at least we make sure that literacy rate is not below 99.5% 
  • And There should be no Age barriers for Education..for those who could be literates in the past hence could be literates..!

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Tanmai Aasrith Varma Ayenampudi