Change the Education System of India

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A child is born with some unique qualities. But such qualities cannot be defined untill and unless he/she has that exposure. 

Without knowing the hidden uniqueness in them, we send them to schools. The process of learning ends at highschool itself. The alphabets, Numericals such as additions, subtraction, multiplications etc are applicable throughout our life. Because there was Learning! At death bed if you ask a person what is 2+2 he will always respond what he has learnt throughout his life i.e. 4.

But our education system just follow the system of teaching not learning. Whenever a child joins any institution his/her creative fragile wings are just cut at the very beginning stage so that he can mould himself with the rigid teaching system.

Our country education system, in the present era, is far behind the generation we are today. For example: In the present date of Artificial Intelligence we are lagging behind with the outdated course material which are of no use! We are studying the same course material which are being taught years back. It doesn't allow us the freedom to think or to give our own comment. It stops all our thinking capacity by just giving us the answers before we could think it in the other way.



We are afraid of committing Mistakes! 

We are afraid of failing!

We at the age of 20, Stays dependent!

We have whole lots of degrees but we are educated unemployed!

The day will come where The land of Entrepreneurs will be just the Land of Clerks!

We all know, that this system will not work!

But why we are Rigid in this case?