Cancellation of exams

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Cancellation of online exams and Promote Students Without Exams.

The academic year has been disrupted due to the unprecedented nationwide lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic. With delayed academic calendar and the possibility of online examination without course-work being complete,

  • Online exams are likely to be discriminatory to the underprivileged students given the highly uneven access to infrastructure and connectivity. It is also inadvisable to conduct exams without completion of course work in a physical class.
  • Many students do not have access to the required books at this moment. How are they supposed to study? Online classes conducted by the college are only accessible to a few due to network issues. Also many University students who live in some other city do not have access to the required books. How are they supposed to prepare for their examinations?
  • We the students of third year are facing a huge mental agony.There must be some children who are facing the mental agony of covid-19 in their own families. Our mental health is detoriating as unavoidable uncertainty of their future regarding the masters, jobs, and the future plans of third year student, inability to meet their peers and teachers to clear their doubts.
  • Many students live in a household with cases of domestic violence and the lack of personnel space which needless to say, have jeopardized their mental health severely leading to many of the peers experiencing breakdowns and hence do not have to the capacity or mental facility to appear for the examinations in any form. No one can judge the academic score of a student based on such examination which are held in this mental distress.

Hence, on the behalf of all the third year students, would like to question the decision of online examination. It is advised that the students in Final Year should be promoted based on internal assessment of this semester and the GPA of the previous semester combined.