Stopping exploitation of teachers faculty in private sector engineering colleges and schools

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In this country teachers were given first place to respect &god  next second place.Present day India, teacher /faculty in private sector is treated like slave. No job security, no proper salaries, no one listens his cry .Government is least bothered about teachers lives .All private sector educational institutions must be associated with a government employee to monitor salaries of teachers,respect of teachers. Every institution holding original education certificates at the time of recruitment, (pathetically some Institutions not giving bank account books and ATM cards to employees )and defaulting/evading  2-3 months salaries when resigning to job,teacher is loosing 2-5 months salary to change place of work and teacher for salary increment or escape harassment by managements. If  this country need quality youth ,it has to protect teachers lives. No benifts are offered to a teacher while working and at retirement,he has to retired like a begger. If this country need quality citizens, it must protect teacher s self-respect.

Government given seventh pay to Govt professors,40000+ to contract employees ,but engineering lecturer is not getting even 15000 per month .

Gormernment is run by the money of people,but building this nation by youth in the hands of a teacher , but government is sleeping like *******,ruining this mighty nation builder life. If any teacher joins in unions,very soon he will loose job( no job security).  

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