Take action now , give our arrears and stipend must come monthly with new rules that is Rs12,400/-

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We are students who have qualified gate and are eligible for stipend (Rs12,400/-) as per rules.A year is over since notification has been issued by ministry of human resource development that stipend for GATE qualified student has increased to Rs12,400/- from Rs 8000/- per month.But it is still on papers only .We the student of who are not in central institution like IITs,NITs still getting Rs8,000/- which also does not come monthly but after period of 3-4 months while our friends in IITs ,NITs are getting 12,400/- in first week of the month.We don't understand why we are treated differently. We have tried at all level.We filed RTI but it give us no information ,it says in progress. ,we are going to AICTE office in new delhi regularly from last 6 months as they give us the stipend ,they never give a positive response to us.Their answer is we don't have funds. We don't understand where  all our tax money is going.If you don't have Funds why are you running these courses and it ruins our life in one way or other because there is no job for us after completion of the course.Either reduce the number of seats or maintain sufficient fund, moreover hike in fee structure doesn't get delayed  than why stipend hike get delayed.Now we have lost all hope since we are trying from last 6 months and our course is going to be completed still no progress.We  don't even know that we will get arrears if it is delayed further till course completion. We have concern for seniors also who have passed in 2015 as they didn't get their 6 months arrears . Please sign our petition requesting ministry of human resource to solve our problem as soon as possible.This needs to be done now.

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