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Today, the CBSE has decided not to hold a retest for the Class X Mathematics exam even after confirmed reports that the question paper had leaked enmasse. his decision has killed all our hopes for justice and faith in the entire educational system.The news goes on to say that CBSE has provided relief to lakhs of students. However, this is not relief but a shock for all the law abiding students of the country who had faith in the education system. When it is a well known fact that the paper had leaked then it is a relief only for the cheaters and scamsters. 

The results will put at par all the hardworking students and the wrongdoers or probably the hardworking students would be placed at the lower pedestal. If the purpose of re-instituting Board Exams was merely stream selection then CCE was good enough or even every school can hold its own internal exam and allocate the stream.  

There is no marksheet in the world which can differentiate between marks scored by hardwork and via cheating. This decision is absolutely unfair for all the students who are honest and sincere towards preparation for their Board Exams.All the students who are protesting on the streets are those cheaters who are afraid of a RE- exam.

We request the CBSE to hold RE EXAM for Class X Mathematics immediately and reinstate the faith of students who toil throughout the year for a perfect 100 and do not score well by merely purchasing the paper two days before the exam. Also, punish those guilty of leaking the paper at the earliest or else our generation will lose faith in the examination system of the Country.

Please sign this petition and share it with all your friends and let this reach MHRD and CBSE.