Appeal from govt to lowering the cost of masks & sanitizers for prevention of covid-19

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Vinay pal started this petition to Ministry of human health and family welfare

Today the approx 165 countries facing the most dreadful , fatal , infectious disease - COVID-19. It had made the countries on high alert. It was started from Wughang city , China.. it had led to come in many parts of countries.. in which our country India also had been affected . In our india there are above  approx. 195 cases of COVID-19 which makes the peoples fear high. But our health department is doing work very well to reduce the spreading of COVID-19 . Health department used to make isolation ward for corona suffering patient. They used to sanitize and give free masks in the affected area.Many big personality and famous people are awaring about this critical disease . We are all thankful to them for creating awareness.

All of us knew that prevention is better than cure .. so preventaory measures are to be taken like issued by health ministry should be affordable for every one - 

1) washing hand after every one hrs for min 20 sec with soaps.

2) avoid going at crowdy places.

3) avoid at least 1 metre distance from others to reduce the chances of this critical disease.

4) if you are going outside then must carry alcohol based sanitizers .

5) use N95 masks or N15 mask and gloves for prevention

Here the main problem is that N15 & N95 masks which are of costly prices . At medical store N95 and N15 masks are very least available but in online marketing like amazon,flipkart here masks are available but it is at high price . They didn't have humanity nature to help others in this dreadful situation their only wish to make money with it .A normal or poor person can't afford this type of masks . My request is to our health minister is to that lower the price of these masks .. so a common people can afford it. Like an example if a person have eight members in their house and a mask price start from rs 300 to 2000 approx  it will cost more for a common and a poor people our request is to the government to lowering the prices of these masks because a life is more precious than anything. In non affected area of COVID- 19 government should start sanitizing the area and start to distribute free masks to the common people.

Thanks for reading

Those who feel that it is necessary they should signed the petition and also share it that our voice should reach to our health minister Dr. Harsha vardhan. I knew that he will help us to sort out his problem.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!