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Unfair Bonus Marking System In IIT-JEE 2017 – Unfair to meritorious students

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It’s a dream of every student of India to crack JEE-Advanced to get enrolled in Premier Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs). They toil day and night for a seat at IIT. 2-3 years of IIT preparation sees the sacrifice not only from the students but also from their families. Amidst these, comes the news of the farcical allotment of 18 marks for 5 ambiguous questions to the students. The allotment of 18 marks has thrown the entire ranking process in turmoil.

A student who has got all the 5 questions correct gets 190 marks. This student will not be benefited by the allotment of 18 marks.

 Now the student, who has not attempted any of these 5 questions, has been awarded 18 marks and if his mark was also 190 initially, it has swelled up to 208 which has considerably improved his ranking.

For another student who attempted all the 5 questions incorrectly, not only his negative marking has been reversed but he / she has been awarded an additional 18 marks. He/she is beneficiary of a total 24 bonus marks making his/her tally to 214.

Where difference of single mark, affects ranking by 400-500 in IIT, bonus marks to the tune of 18-24 marks has affected the ranking system so adversely that total marks vs ranks of this year is not comparable to any of the earlier years. Some students got benefit of this but it has adversely affected numbers of meritorious students which ultimately defeating the prime aim of IITs of enrolling the real meritorious students. Number of students, who tried their best and got all the answers correct, are the main sufferer and in spite of giving their best, might have missed their desired/deserved seat because of these unfair bonus marks. Correct logical marking system needs to be adopted to ensure none of the students are affected or the exam should be conducted afresh altogether

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