Remove Professors in govt Universities Spreading " Caste Hate"

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Bharat (India ) has been a land of divergence of different people like different colored flowers with their unique distinctive identity of caste ,religion and language but these distinct flowers have ability to be united with a common thread of sanathana binding values and way of Life.

Many professors of Indian government funded universities are trying to teach hatred between students in the name of caste stating most of the times distorted stories of Hate incidents.The professors openly meet only one set of students belonging to one group of caste and develop hatred with amplification of some of unfortunate incidents within the society and intentionally avoids telling about unifying events,traditions and methods within indian society of kumb mela,ganesh utsav and many such traditionally established unifying factors of the society.

Due to this intentional teachings of hatred stories between different caste communities with distorted facts and one sided hate campaigns resulted in animosity between different student groups in the universities.

The root cause of this hatred filled false teachings between communities is affecting harmony in the society.Request ministry of HRD and concerned team to remove this set of professors spreading hatred between communities and have links with foreign funded NGOs.

Most of the professors who spread caste hatred are belonging to extremist group ideologies and its astonishing to have such professors in universities reluctent to salute the national flag and receive their salaries from the government.

Request to suspend and remove the professors involved in spreading hatred between different caste groups and detroying unity of the country.The professors receiving their salary from our tax payers money have no right to act according to the foreign intentions of breaking the country.

With this petition request minister to identify such divisive elements in education system and put a full stop to this breaking brigade in universities.

Education should enable human to respect others and help him to live with love and peace but education in our universities is creating hatred between children with wrong caste identities and we should stop this if we feel we are educated

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