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Plight of Teachers :
In this so called modern age teachers are not given their due in India by a society which once designated a day for the teachers. Incidentally the day namely “ Teacher’s Day” has just been reduced to a mere ritual. This is the same society where once teachers were given a place above God!
Let’s have a look on the scenario-
1. Due to long standing hours teaches are facing many medical issues like varicose veins, wear and tear of the knees and ankle, back problem erratic blood pressure.

2. Teachers are expected, rather forced to go much beyond the call of duty i.e. exploited in the name of modernization and digitalization that too without any kind of support by the organization/ employer. Ironically our Governments, be it state or centre is a party to it! Such notifications are issued by govt. that teachers always find themselves at a receiving end of the administration and society both.

3. Teachers are put on all kind of duties in the name of service to the society whether or not in govt. service. They are put on duties to conduct exam on Sundays, polling officers, census, election and grooming of EWS etc all are carried out by the teachers beyond working hours, without any extra payment, time or resource. Interestingly all such duties are imposed by Government. Obviously private agency follows the same while quoting Government

4. Even the remunerations are not at par with other services. Working hours are equal to other services but working conditions, environment, facilities and are far below.

5.I have personally witnessed the extremely sorry state of affairs in the Govt Schools. There are many schools run by just one man army (only one teacher acting as peon, teacher, principal... everything) and operating under the trees or a tin shade without any infrastructure at all.

* Last but not the least with new unrealistic and unpractical laws being enforced by regulatory agencies every second day a teachers’ authority /position is being challenged.
The basic purpose of teaching is lost.
That’s why BIHAR is happening year after year..
Situation is no different in other places ...Though things have not surfaced Yet...
So we the citezens of India demand a large scale change in the life of people engaged in this profession


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