Against Reducing NCERT Curriculum in Schools

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The Ministry of HRD has intimated to reduce the NCERT syllabus almost to half from 2019.

How does it affect us ?

  •  Lack of knowledge in students.
  • Quality of Education would be affected.
  • Students would get only surface-level knowledge. No in-depth knowledge for them.
  • Their gateway to IIT, IIMS and other professional/vocational education would get affected.
  • Our students are internationally accepted today owing to their meticulous knowledge of subjects.
  • Our progeny would only be 'literates' but not 'qualifieds'
  • Our students would become 'Undesirables' in their respective fields. This would further lead to mass- unemployment.
  • Our future vision of becoming the supreme world power by 2040 would not be achieved.
  •  Mass-increment in unskilled 'labour-force'.

Our goverment and educationists need to empower our youth. Reducing syllabus does no good for them. Instead of reducing the syllabus, schools should mandatorily introduce 1compulsory vocational / professional subject (as already proposed by many education committees) to make them more efficient and more skilled in their respective fields.