Shame on Marchingdale - End Permitted Development - 37SM at a Minimum

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Marchingdale Developments want to convert the one of the buildings of the former NIAB headquarters in Cambridge off Huntingdon Road into 149 appartments with the smallest being just 17 square metres. That is less than half the legal minimum 37SM that new developments must meet.

Despite objecting to this the City Council can't do anything about it because it can be done under 'Permitted Development'.

Under planning laws amended by the Conservative and Liberal-Democrat Coalition Government in 2013 developers can now use old office spaces to be converted into housing under 'Permitted Development'.

We call upon the Department for Housing, Communities and Local government to reverse the loophole in 'Permitted Development' so ridiculously small flats like the ones planned for Huntingdon Road cannot go ahead. So that democratically elected councillors can enforce the legal minimum of 37SM in new developments.