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Let tenants live peacefully

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Now a days tenants aren't treated they should be. Landlords make feel that they are tenants' GOD and tenants have to follow all the personal instructions otherwise they can make tenants homeless in no time.

Let me take you to my personal experience and that keeps happening on regular basis with others too.

I am working(5 days a week) with a private organisation as salaried employee and staying in New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi for 3+ years. Till now I was living with friends and recently I got married so have to look for new place to get my family with me.
I started looking for house/flat with the help of brokers where my family can live peacefully. After running after brokers and spending 3-4 weekends(means around a month), finally i liked a place/premise/flat(2 room set) and we did required formalities(Agreement, Police verification, payments(security deposit, Advance rent, brokerage, etc.).I got shifted(hired people who helped me in shifting from friends' place to new place).Finally i had a place where my family can resides peacefully and my wife(home-maker) was very happy with the premises.Newly wedded and shifted to new place, so my in-laws thought of visiting us and they arrived.
First Instance:
As number of people increased(earlier 2, now 6 including 2 small kids), it's started suffocating then we realised there is no ventilation(no window) in the flat. As we live at third floor and then after we have roof top, I suggested them to visit top whenever they feel. First time they switched on the 2 common area lights(2-5 watt bulb at stairs and 0 watt on top) for visiting top and sat for open air chit-chat. I was just returned from office and had some office work pending so continued with that in the room itself. Landlord went to the top and asked them not to switch ON the common area lights(I had informed him that my in-laws have come) as we are not paying that bill. He asked them about me and visited to flat and started screaming "I have told you that not to switch on common area lights as i am paying its bill no you. you have to vacate the place tomorrow itself, I am not dying for money as i have 40+ houses rented in Noida itself and more at other places". I was surprised and speechless with his behaviour. I kept telling him that relatives are here and they(including my wife) were not aware, I will take care from next time onwards but he was in no mood of listening.
I was embarrassed and disheartened. I raised the concern with Broker but he also took it light and said "Koi baat nahi, mat ON karna ab se". I also thought OK, may be landlord is right we should not ON the common area lights. My in-laws left after few days. There after we never went on roof top and never switched on the common area lights.
As time continues, every thing became to normal.
Second Instance:
In midnight around 12 or so, we started getting some unusual sounds(hitting something, jumping someone, etc.) from the roof top. At first i ignored thinking that the girl/lady must be doing something(there is a room on the TOP and she had rented that place very recently). But it didn't stop, so i got up and shouted from the room itself "Who's there ? who's there ?" but there was no response and sounds stopped. I thought girl/lady must had stopped doing things but i should keep informed landlord in the morning.
But just after 8-10 minutes, we started getting sounds again. We were frightened this time, I started calling landlord but couldn't connect(his number was unavailable), tried calling/messaging on WhatsApp but no response.So we thought of dialling emergency number(100) for help, called them(first time in life) and they arrived in around 30 minutes(around 1.00 AM). We came downstairs once police confirmed by calling me that they are here.
We knocked up the landlord(who is staying in ground floor) and he came out, we told landlord and police about the incident. Landlord started screaming "You have to vacate the premises tomorrow itself. Show me who is there, come". Landlord and Police leaded us to roof top and they couldn't find anything. Again Landlord started screaming vacate tomorrow ONLY.
This time my wife and I, both was very disheartened and I said OK, we shall vacate this place ASAP.
Again I raised this concern to Broker, instead of talking to Landlord he frightened me of police that never call police they may take you to police station and all and suggested to shift to new place. 

Impact of this incident in my life:

  • Felt like no credibility/respect for Tenant
  • Landlords can force tenant to vacate premises without thinking of Tenant situation
  • I had interviews scheduled for my career growth, Had to get it cancelled.
  • My wife(first time outside of home-town) is so frightened that I had to take her to my uncle's(he stays in Delhi itself) place for next day and she asked me to leave her to home town for sometime. Actually I ONLY advised her that if i am not around and you face any problem or need any help, just drop in to landlord/landlady but now she feel so helpless when i leave to work.
  • Leaving every personal or family plans behind, I have to look(again whole exercise) for new place which should be appropriate for family.
  • After shifting, i have to leave her at home town for sometime to calm down.
  • And I have to stay Alone till the time she is not well enough to come back

Who is responsible ? Me OR Owner OR Broker OR Police OR Law.
What was my fault ?
Calling police at emergency ? if yes, can someone please tell me the definition of emergency OR guidelines for calling police.
Why Landlord was so furious about calling police ? Bad name to premises OR to landlord ?

There should be clear guidelines for tenant/landlord both, what are the responsibilities(security measures, respect, etc.) towards each other and there should be clear documentation/stamp paper at the time of asking/forcing tenant to vacate the premises if agreement breaches which could be taken to legal action if required. There should be review process periodically for tenant/landlord which would be taken or fill up by landlord/tenant respectively.
And Appropriate action should be taken against tenant/landlord.

  • There should be registration for every premises(including landlord) which is being rented and should be inspected against guidelines before registration. Should generate some unique identification number like ID1(OR we can use Aadhar).
  • There should be same registration for every tenant(which should include police verification).Should generate some unique identification number like ID2 (OR we can use Aadhar).
  • Each of them should be able to rate/give feedback each other based on their behaviour during lease period and appropriate action should be taken if something inappropriate/suspicious observed.
  • There should be some government body which should be contacted for any related concern.


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