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Dear Sir, we are million of homebuyers who invested our life's saving to get a small home of our own. But these builders, banks and approving authorities have trapped us where we have failed to get even an FIR done for years despite proof of fraud being done by all of three of them.

To brief you about our case which is similar to hundreds of others, In our case builder MVL Limited based in Gurgaon having 3 residential projects in Bhiwadi Rajasthan, where I booked a flat in MVL Coral in 2012 and paid a down payment of 10%, took loan from DHFL on recommendation from Builder as they said it will be faster to get it done. DHFL made another 85% upfront a tripartite agreement was done and I was assured delivery of my dream home in 12 months. The builder later on raised a demand of increase in area and the amount of property increased by another 7%, to my utter shock it was mentioned in the agreement that increase in area of 5% to 10% can be done and I blindly signed it like all homebuyers do. The financier paid that sum too to the builder on my behalf. I was paying my home EMIs in full and paid an hefty legal and technical verification fee to Financier to evaluate the value and legality of the property.

When the property was not given to me even after 18 months, I started regular follow up with the builder, without stopping my EMI's, I noticed on site visit that the skeleton of building as I saw at the time of booking of property was not changed a bit, when I put on RTI's at UIT Bhiwadi Rajasthan the approving authority I came to know of several violations.

The project was having several ongoing cases against it.
The original number of towers were changed builder on its own without approval from UIT or home buyers.
The building to building distance was reduced.
The Height of tower increased mainly in Tower 4 from 5 floor to 10 floors.
The interior road width was reduced.
Fire safety NOC was not taken pre construction.
exterior wall to tower distance was also reduced.
The orientation of Tower 4 was also changed.
This all shows that all three Builder, UIT Bhiwadi and DHFL were producing homes which violates sanction plans and risking lives of thousands of homebuyers for there greed.

Now, I asked the for verification report from DHFL for which I have paid and though it was a secured loan and the entire transaction was taking place on legality of property which was checked by the financier, they refused to share it.

This means that UIT the approving authority kept a close eye and the builder did all violation in front of them. The RTI reply clearly states this all.

The Financier DHFL either didn't do any legal and technical verification of the property or it has done, they have fudged it and paid maximum amount to the builder on some reasons best known to them.

Me and several others were going through the same fate, we complained to EOW about the three MVL Limited (its directors), DHFL for financing and UIT Bhiwadi for keeping a close eye, but they transferred case to Okhla Police station for months, despite given all proofs they didn't filed a complaint from November 2015 till September 2016 lastly we a group of 11 Homebuyers went to court and filed 156/3 for police inaction till date there is no respite. 

There are other projects of Builder MVL in the name of MVL Palm, where around 500 buyers are there, MVL Indihomes around 1000 buyers are there, IBC Park around 300-400, now what are waiting for. 

The builder had already mortgaged these projects to many banks and have a direct liability of around 1500 crores plus, have a liability of around 5 crores of Service tax, Liability of PF, TDS, ESI since 2010 on him.

The Builder had siphoned off 23 crores to a sick company, which is highlighted in external audit report as well, and that is only tip of the iceberg a detailed forensic audit will lead to all the shell companies from which he bought nothing but paid only. As there was no construction going on after 2012 in almost all of his projects, and he got maximum funding during, 2011-12-13 and 2014.

How come a builder cheat government, financiers, approving authorities and buyers, not arrested a single time till date.

How is it possible for banks and financier to not get all the information about ongoing loans and liability of the builders, why should home buyers suffer when there is a system for construction, approval, disbursal of loan, filing of complaint and arresting someone on doing fraud. 

This all means the system had failed. Whom should we trust now, why do we vote, pay taxes, follow law, when the end result is to suffer and plead for justice.

Now if the Builder is bankrupt, it is need of time to put the responsibility of delayed interest, illegal construction, and violation on Financiers and Approving Authorities, State Government. 

Immediate arrest of builders who duped innocent buyers, siphoned off money to shell companies and now going bankrupt.

Checking on all financiers who trapped buyers in connivance with builders, whether they were soft on immediate lending, specially all those cases where financiers funded 100% on skeleton structures.

Action against authorities errant officers who helped builder in illegal construction and deviation from original sanctioned plan.

The interest paid to the financier to be returned to the homebuyers, the project to be completed by Approving authority, State Government and Financier jointly.

The suffering for Homebuyers should end up here.