Enact law for scooping of pet's poop by pet owners

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I live in a gated colony in a small town of Chhattisgarh. In my colony there are many pet owners, especially pet dog owners who make their dogs poop in common areas of the colony like roads, dividers of the roads, public parks, car parks, etc. These dog poop lying around create manifold problems for the rest of the residents of the colony in terms of health, hygiene and also aesthetics. Also it is a well known fact that open faeces of any kind can cause serious health hazards for residents, especially children. Upon counselling, the pet owners instead of understanding our problem, get belligerent and say it is not illegal to make their pets poop in the open and leave it as it is!

In our colony, we had posted notices for the dog owners to scoop their pet dogs' poop, but instead of complying, one of them has issued a legal notice to the colony residents for removal of the notices as he finds them as objectionable and unlawful! 

In present times, when the Government of India is trying to create awareness about Swachchh Bharat and is issuing advisory against defecating in the open for human beings, it is ironic that pet owners are allowed to continue to let their pets' poop lying around in public places and cause public nuisance.

Scooping your pet's poop is legally binding in all civilized nations. I am petitioning the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to pass a law making it mandatory for pet owners to scoop the poop of their pets in India too! If Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan is to be implemented in letter and spirit, then scooping pet poop has to be an integral part of it.

Please sign my petition if you too are suffering from similar harassment from pet owners and agree to my contention and make your voice heard. Thank you.