Ban Chinese Government from Singapore for hostility against religions

Ban Chinese Government from Singapore for hostility against religions

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Started by Joshua Chiang

In recent years China has taken a very hostile stance against religions especially Christianity and Islam in their home country. The persecution of the Uighur Muslims is well documented.

Even more recently the People's Army Police have dynamited a megachurch in Shanxi Province.

This is literally setting a church on fire, and metaphorically shoving a middle finger to Christians. 

If a Swedish metal band singing songs about burning churches is not allowed to perform in Singapore, why should we allow a government that literally burns churches to come?

And don't get me started on what happened to the Uighurs.

I think if we welcome the Chinese government on diplomatic grounds it will cause cognitive disharmony amongst people who get offended by people singing insulting things about their religion but are willing to put up with a government literally oppressing people who practice the same faith elsewhere. Tanks, but no tanks.

If we can act to prevent a metal band corrupting the minds of 200 fans, we certainly must act to prevent a foreign government whose visit will send a message to all Singaporeans that it is OK to bully people of religions. Dis cannot be allows.

I'm sure I can get at least 17,000 signatures on this petition knowing how many brave defenders of faiths we have here from past examples.

But Huawei phones are fine. They are cheap and of good quality. Please don't ban Huawei.








17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!