Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs to reinstate and reschedule Watain show

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Update on 10 March 2019: Pressure IMDA to bear costs

Hello everyone, 

Thanks for the surprising amount of support this petition has garnered thus far! Sadly, knowing the way the Singaporean government works, they cave in too easily to fundamentalists (due to obvious reasons which I need not mention here) & I am quite sure that a rescheduled Watain sure will not come to fruition.

What we can and should do now, however, is to pressure IMDA to bear the cost for all the logistics and refund the organizer (Ravage Records) and fans their money. 

We need to take a strong stand against fundamentalists & push for a more stringent secularization of local politics. This regardless to say involves the choosing of the right politicians who are not simply reactionary and not cave to pressure in their decision making.

There is much more to explicate on, but I shall leave it as such for now. I highly encourage everyone to please read more & remain involved in our local politics. Indifference is our greatest enemy.

"The enemies of intellectual liberty always try to present their case as a plea for discipline versus individualism"             
—George Orwell, The Prevention of Literature


Seth Lim
2 years ago