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The People of India,

On 10th May, 2020, a horrific incident of a murder of a minor hindu boy Rohit Jaiswal from Gopalganj Bihar came into light.

15 year old Rohit Jaiswal, a resident of Bela Dih village of Kateya in Gopalganj, Bihar who was allegedly killed by locals of the village as claimed by Rohit's father Rajesh Jaiswal. According to Rajesh Jaiswal, Rohit was killed and then thrown away in the river.

Rohit Jaiswal went missing on 28th March, 2020 when 4 children came to take Rohit with them and after that he never returned. On 29th March, 2020 Rohit's body was recovered from a river which was situated 3 to 4 km away from the village. The police in-charge Ashwini Tiwari not only did not cooperated but also ill treated Rohit's parents. According to an initial claim made in a video by Rajesh jaiswal, Ashwini Tiwari, the in-charge, made lewd gestures and confessed that he had CHANGED THE AUTOPSY REPORT of Rohit Jaiswal. He further added, that no one can dare to harm him and they can try with whatever resources they want. The bereaved family has not only been denied justice but also has been forced to leave the village.  

We are celebrating Independence of this country since 72 years but in reality are we really independent ? Have we got the independence from the brutality of the system ? Have we got the independence from obstruction of Justice ? 

According to one judgement from Rajasthan Info Commission,  Post-Mortem reports cannot be shared with third party in absence of a larger public interest.

So, Today, I start this petition to receive atleast 50000 signatures to submit for an RTI i.e. Right To Information and have public access to Rohit's Original Autopsy Report and The Whole File that comprises the entire information to be made public. It is not only Rohit Jaiswal that has been denied justice but there will be many more if this mal practice is not stopped today.

It has been more than 40 days. Justice delayed is Justice denied. Lets join hands and bring justice to Rohit Jaiswal.