Restoration of 4g internet in Jammu and Kashmir

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4g internet in j&k has been suspended from 5th August 2019. The suspension of internet has caused wide spread  distress among the people of jammu and Kashmir, particularly to the youth in the state. Because of Internet suspension students are facing utmost difficulties in attended online classes and getting online assistance. During the time of lockdown the dependency of internet increases among people. With this petition I want to solve the problem of digital break. If internet is restored student community will get the utmost benefits as they will be able to get education, a lot of artists can also start working and small businesses will also come on track. Students few months back,faced many difficulties in while higher education forms and materials particularly NEET forms. The students are completely unaware of the happenings around the globe, the work of students, artists, professors are getting wasted. The common man in the state is not able to keep him/her self updated with latest news regarding Coronavirus. Business houses have suffered huge losses because of internet suspension. Employment of youngsters is at stake. With this petition, I intent to solve all this.