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Request to amend IPC in order to stop discrimination against North East people

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Remember Nido Tania, a 20 year old boy from Arunachal Pradesh, who was killed by iron rods in New Delhi in April, 2014. This was a racial attack. This is not the only incident where people from North East were targeted. Only recently, a student from Arunachal Pradesh was attacked in Bangalore.

Implications of such attacks on NATIONAL SECURITY & INTEGRITY

The Northeast is currently enjoying perhaps the longest spell of relative peace since independence. Most insurgent groups in the region are in some ceasefire arrangements with the central government. Nobody believes in secessionist movements anymore. Amongst the people generally, the momentum for peace has never been stronger. In last few decades, the Police & Army have paid a heavy price inorder to restore peace in North-East. The security forces have suffered casualties in thousands. These racial attacks could lead to alienation of North East people from mainland India. At such a juncture, where after a lot of efforts the peace has been established in NE, such attacks and the resultant alienation of NE people could provide the insurgent groups a fertile ground to re-emerge and might prove as a dis-incentive thus propelling a possible departure from from ceasefire. These are certain fears which we can't afford to become a reality. So its a wake up call.

Amendments to IPC as proposed by Bezbaruah Committee

The Bezbaruah Committee has recommended adding two sections -- 153C and 509A -- which deal with punishments specifically for racial attacks to the India Penal code. 

The proposed Section 153C makes imputations and assertions prejudicial to human dignity and makes words, both spoken and written, or signs attempting to discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, or indulging in activity intended to use criminal force or violence against a particular race, a non-bailable offence punishable with imprisonment up to five years with fine.

While the proposed Section 509A seeks to make any word, gesture or act intended to insult a member of a particular race with imprisonment that may extend to three years with fine.

These strict provisions would atleast ensure that the victims will have legal recourse and would also act as a deterrent for the racial discriminators. The strategic importance of the North East, their cultural richness & diversity and high moral values and ethos of North east society are worth cherishing. The discrimination against them should have no place in our democracy. 

Jai Hind!!!

Jai Bharat!!!

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