Naturalisation for Subedar (Retd) Mohammad Sanaullah from Assam

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Respected Home Minister,

We the undersigned are distraught at the news that Subedar (Retd) Mohammad Sanaullah has been declared a foreigner by the Foreigner's Tribunal in Assam as part of the NRC Process. ( Subedar (Retd) Sanaullah has rendered 30 years of service to the Indian Army and has served in important engagements such as the Kargil War. He is an honourably discharged former soldier.

While we understand that there may have been legal reasons that led to this declaration by the Foreigner's Tribunal. We are of the considered view that an Indian Army Veteran does not belong in a Foreigner's Detention Camp. 

If he is a foreigner (as the Tribunal says) then we owe him a duty to do right by him.

Accordingly, we the undersigned hereby call upon the Central Government to exercise its powers under the proviso to Section 6(1) of Citizenship Act,1955 and waive all naturalisation requirements concerning Subedar (Retd) Sanaullah, consequently naturalising him as a citizen of India.

If possible, we the undersigned also call upon the Central Government to do so with retrospective effect from his date of birth.

We understand that the case concerning Subedar (Retd) Sanaullah is presently sub-judice before courts. However, in order to ease his burden while this process takes its time, we request that the Central Government exercise it's powers under Section 3 of the Foreigners Act, 1946 and grants him parole, to enable him to reside with his family members while the judicial process is completed and/or naturalisation process is ongoing. This permission should in our view also come with a right to work in India.

The undersigned feel that Subedar (Retd) Sanaullah has fallen into a legal quagmire and as he is a veteran, the country must do right by him. We hope that you will take action on this petition at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully

The Undersigned