Quash the PSA against Dr. Shah Faesal and release him immediately

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Shah Faesal, political activist and Harvard Scholar, a doctor by profession has been in the public eye since he topped Indian Civil Service exam in the year 2010.  Faesal a model civil servant and a model citizen embarked on the journey to becoming a model politician by giving up the guaranteed perks of bureaucratic and administrative power for the rough and tumble of politics .He, by quitting the most coveted job in the country set a bar of sincerity and selflessness that not many can question. He entered political arena of Kashmir at a stage when its people were fatigued by the unstoppable waves of violence, which had not only left children maimed and blinded but had taken scores of lives .Dismayed by the flawed political, militaristic policies and legacies, people across the divide saw in him a compatriot who had the ability to rectify the social impairment and disharmony.

Faesal's urge to serve his people has created a new locus of clean and honest politics, his ideology was underpinned by principles of democratic ethos, the rule of law and constitutional guarantees. 

A believer of the democratic spirit, who neither by nature nor by reason has ever advocated or incited any form of violence, has now been booked under one of the most draconian laws of the country, Public Safety Act, (A law that allows detention without due process  up to two years),stating him to be a threat to the public order. The inability of the state to discern a “voice for rights” from abject criminality is regrettable and unfortunate.

Incarcerating a person like Dr. Shah Faesal is indeed a travesty of justice, discordant failure of the system to acknowledge and allow reasoned dissent. Putting him behind bars is an indelible sad note in history of Kashmir as it rejects a rationale for vibrant environment for social justice through law and legal means.

Inspite of ample opportunity for cynicism - through this unfair, unjust and illegal detention - Faesal has stayed upbeat. In line with his faith in basic dignity of life, equality, liberty we appeal to everyone to come together at this time of failure of justice, to seek his release and lay path for dignity for all. We seek and demand the Ministry of Home Affairs to quash the PSA against Dr. Shah Faesal and release him immediately. Hence , sign the petition.