Make Indian Rape Laws Gender Neutral Again

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Current Indian laws on Rape and Sexual Harassment are very heavily loaded against men. Though Indian laws on rape and sexual harassment are Anti-Male since inception of IPC, after Criminal Law Amendment in 2013, these have been made more ugly draconian, archaic and highly high Anti-Male. Unlike laws of many other 21st century countries of the world, Indian unscientific, out dated rape laws don't acknowledge women on men or women on women kind of sexual assaults. So, numerous men and women who face unwanted sexual advance, gesture or sexual assault/attack form women, suffer silently. As illogical laws, that is directed against men, fail to see Rape as a crime. The gun barrel of the law is just aimed at men to fire them. And don't let men and women victims of sexual assaults by women, report crime. So such cases go almost unreported. Actually, in Criminal Law Amendment, 2013, the then Government of India tried to make rape laws gender neutral, but finally the Govt of India, stooped to unethical, unjust demands and pressures by some cunning, opportunist, Anti-Male fraction of the society and sent both proposed gender neutrality and suo motu punishment clauses (for false rape accusations) from the proposed amendment of rape laws, to grave. It is high time the government must show strong spine and steadily proceed to make rape and sexual harassment laws gender neutral to save both men and women from sexual attacks by women, despite opposition from anti-male fractions ; who in the name of feminism, actually wage war on men , but at the same time, put women at risks as well. See, how inane their logic are, they show in support of Anti-Male, one sided laws :- See how those, who wanted "Gender Sensitive, Gender Just and NOT Gender Neutral Rape Laws" , at that time of Criminal Law Amendment 2013, are anti-women as well, besides being Anti-Men. Abiding by their demands, the government made rape laws more anti-male, where rape/sexual harassment accused will only be males. But in the reality, women also face sexual crimes committed on them by other women. But can't report. Here is just one example from many. A girl's modesty is outraged by another woman :- Google 'Adam, it's Madam'- The Telegraph, Kolkata. And read how men face sexual harassment at the hands of women and cases go 100% unreported owing to Anti-Men laws. Here, a man gets sexually assaulted by women:- So, it is high time, we stand up firm against flawed, unjust, medieval, biased against men laws. Make rape laws complete gender neutral, that should be able to protect both genders from sexual attacks from either gender. If many countries including Brazil, and some African countries can have gender neutral rape laws , where both accused and victims come from both genders, why should India lag behind?????? Interested persons can see many of my blogs in these regards at these sites:- a) b)