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Better living conditions for inmates in Singapore prison

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In the "newly renovated" Changi prison, the prison that houses almost all the inmates in Singapore, the inmates sleep on hard concrete floor with no proper beds. They are only given a very thin straw mat.

They are locked in a small cell 23 hours a day. They get no outdoor exercises, all their exercises are conducted indoor. They don't get open air for the duration of their sentence. This can be for years!

There are no fans or air conditioning despite the country's extreme heat (30-40 degree celsius in the cells) and humidity, being near the equator.

Inmates are not allowed any personal possessions, like radio, tv, personal clothings etc. They are not even allowed to keep a pen and paper with them.

The inmates basically are allowed zero personal belongings except 3 softcover books. Hardcover books are not allowed, don't ask why, it is just another rule that doesn't make sense and is created to drive the inmates nearer to insanity.

Maybe hardcover books are deemed to be highly dangerous. Imagine it could turn into a highly lethal weapon should it fall into the wrong hands

Telephones are not allowed and they can only write 1 or 2 letters every fortnight.

Inmates are not allowed to keep photographs of their family. They require special permission from their CO should they wish to do so.

Singapore boasts first class living, but conditions in the prison are third-world. I don't expect the prison to be a spa retreat, but decent living conditions should be provided to inmates, they are human after all. 

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