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Begging in India to be made illegal.

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We people busy with our own lives don't much get involved with our surroundings till it starts affecting self. Be it pollution, corruption, abuse or anything of that matters. Begging is also one such thing which I believe we are all waiting for something worse to happen so we can stand our voice. Is that so?

Nearby 1 lac children go missing every year, thousands nearly 50% still untraced. What & with who are we comparing these numbers with? One child missing means one crime has happened. Children are with very soft minds the way they get moulded remain forever. They are pushed into brutality to gain sympathy from commuters. Many stay there whole life the same way, begging there only choice and a way of easy money making. Be it a festive occasion, India-Pak match, Mumbai local train, wherever there is crowd we see them. I have seen many making them offers of alms. Being kind and merciful is one thing but when it instigates anti social elements in the society then it is something we as a nation should fight for. Stop giving monetary support, instead if you really want to do something lets break this chain together.

This community of the nation is making billions every year at the stake of innocent lives. Many politicians target them to get votes. We are only hearing slogans for making India beautiful and modernized, it's high time now we see real change.

I request the government officials to make begging illegal centrally. These affected people should be part of the government run schemes & projects. I don't think this is the work of one government or one person. But without a Central Law Enforcement against this we stand no chance against the criminals running this racket.

Save future for ourselves and for our generations !!!

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