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Plant Trees along National Highways to arrest Global Warming n Air Pollution

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Infrastructure Development including construction of Highways causes laying of Roads made of solid concrete n black Bituminous which has high absorption of heat during the  day n emits the heat back to atmosphere during night. Infrastructure development and highway construction also causes deforestation to a large extent causing environmental degradation. In addition to it the plying road transport causes high air pollution adding further emission of green gases causing cascading effect to environmental damage through air pollution and rising heat. This all is adding to unabated increase in temperature around thus threatening the climate, biodiversity n their natural habitat is also endangered in the proximity and overall as a whole thus threatening their life and survival and damaging ecological balance.

To prevent the extinction of species and preserving the flora,fauna n biodiversity around due to rising temperature,to prevent climate change, to prevent air pollution and even to arrest the fire in plying vehicles on roads due to rising temperature, it is essential that all national highways have dense green belt n enough trees along it so as to cool the temperature n provide fresh ,cool n pollution free air as guaranteed under constitution of India.

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