Stop denial of admission in Corporate Hospitals to CGHS Pensioners "NO BEDS" Reserve Bed

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The Corporate hospitals are often habitually and intentionally denying admission to Central Government Health Scheme pensioners (Retd. Govt. Employees) on flimsy grounds "no beds". When they enjoy incentives, subsidies tax exemptions, land allotment in the guise of "public health provider" , they must mandatorily reserve/ear mark few beds . Government should consider making this compulsory and view  the violations seriously and penalize the errant health care providers.We have faced this problem for years and yesterday was worst with the attitude of MAX CARE Hospitals Madhapur, Hyderabad . 

Yesterday after confirmation of admission we shifted my 88 year old father from a nursing home to MAX CURE hospitals  in the ambulance sent by the hospital itself. We were in touch with the staff since morning 10 A.M and reached hospital around 4 PM. They kept him in ER for few hours and at 9 pm insisted on taking away the patinet, refusing admission, dishonoring CGHS Credit letter recommending Admission . It took them 12 hours to say  ."no Beds". The hospital staff were rude and did not attend the patient and refused treatment. Initially they said Plastic SUrgery not covered in CGHS. Neither the letter nor we sought for treatment Plastic Surgery, We wanted wound management treatment for bedsores, like dressing, infection control. Then they suddenly started taking new grounds for denying treatment "no Beds" . They were not aware of bed availability since morning 10 Am. 

This is the rude, ruthless in humane   approach of MAXCURE Hospitals and also many  other  Corporate Hospitals. The Central Govt. pensioners with advanced age, health problems living on meager pension are made to run from pillar to post in "emergencies".

My Appeal to Ministry of Health and family Affairs, GOI, CGHS Scheme administrators , CGHS Pensioners Association to initiate immediate action for  mandatory allocation of some beds to CGHS referred patients and denial of treatment must be viewed seriously and penalize the errant hospitals. De - recognise them , cancel their licenses , affiliations. Health Care  is not just Business,much less  blood business , it has a service component and humanitarian approach even in commercialism.  

Earnest Appeal to all humanists please share the petition till justice is done to old age CGHS pensioner Patients.