Smash Suicide & Depression in New Zealand.

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We as a Suicide & Depression country want too raise awareness that there is not enough support in New Zealand around Suicide & Depression. More government Involvement around all these areas need too be questioned why is there no enough support ? I have endless stories from ordinary New Zealanders that have lost many loved one 's our government is not doing enough ! 

Practitioners councellors police all tend too brush the problem under the table and not address them. " This is not good enough "

We are a MANA country so we should hold that name.

Our Suicide rate is rising and ages are getting younger and younger the latest tragedy a 9 year old girl , If that wont wake the government up what will ? 

We as a commited prevention that want too let other's know we are here and we are listening and we support.

In 2013 I lost my only brother at the age of 21,

2014 a father lost his 18 year old son,

2017 two mothers lost their daughters ages 9 & 10.

More are unspoken for statistic ratings are rising and have so greatly since 2012,

with new recordings not even listed yet or updated, this is only the tip of the problem.

What more are we willing too lose ?

What more is our government going too allow too happen ? 

When will they decide enough is enough ? 

Answer : Maybe when they lose someone close too them and feels what we as a Suicide & Depression nation feel. Is that when they will realise their is a problem ?

We want change now !!!

Enough is Enough.