Petition to postpone exam dates until the Corona outbreak situation settles down.

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The state is facing a chaotic situation due to the Corona virus outbreak and on account of this,the government has recently ordered (on 10th March,2020) to close all educational institutions in the state till 31st March. But at the same time it is stated that exams are to continue as scheduled. This has been and will continue creating a sense of fear and panic amongst students. Even before this announcement,such a situation was visible among candidates appearing for the exams that has been happening since the start of this week.

Considering the intensity of the situation,it would be a better option to postpone the exams that are scheduled inorder to take necessary measures to tackle the above mentioned chaos. Conducting exams in such a situation would not only increase the chances of more students getting infected by the virus,but also will lead to generate panic in the society.

When an exam hall is filled with students from various corners of the state,the chances of getting infected is multiple and postponing exams for some period would cause the risk factor to be brought down.

Moreover,as advised by the Ministry of Health, resistance would be a better option to choose than means for panicking.

Kerala is a state that has tackled many of such situations and will surely do the same without any doubt. Let's not increase the risk factor by this means and take better steps for resistance.