Petition to stop bullying Housemen

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Recently there  have been several cases  raise being bullied by the senior Doctors and we all know it has been happening for years.

It has become culture “well I think it is time to change” hope the Ministry of health will take a right approach and get to the bottom of it .

The best quality of a doctor is physician that practices "Service Beyond the Call of Duty"

  • Compassion,understanding, empathy, honesty, competence, commitment, humanity
  • Suggestion working hours should be between 8-10 hours and not more
  • Overworked/tired doctor will not be able to treat a patient professionally
  • Negligence can happen during dealing with human life because of very tired
  • Any human will not be able to deliver good results if they do not have enough rest
  • Specialist /MO/ and head of department should be patience to teach, guide the juniors and not humiliate them
  • Lastly HO (Doctor’s) are also human please treat them with respect just like any one of us would like to be treated