Ontario Infant Hearing Screen Tests Continue In Hospitals Before Discharge During Covid 19

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Hello everyone. Unfortunately I’ve learned some very sad news. Due to Covid 19 Infant Hearing Screenings in Ontario have been cancelled and are not being taken place in hospitals before a newborn is discharged. I am deeply concerned at the huge cohort of undiagnosed babies that will come after this decision.
My deepest concern is ensuring that parents walk away after being discharged understanding the importance of  following through with testing after their child is born. Parents are often overwhelmed and naturally naive to know the great importance of this test. My son being born Deaf and Hard of Hearing opened my eyes to see how unaware I was that this screening existed and naive I was with my first child.
I know we are in unprecedented times but I am still very concerned that the Infant Hearing Screening has been cancelled. If a newborn is in the hospital already why can’t a nurse be asked to perform this hearing test instead of outside Toronto Public Health staff? Has this possibility even be evaluated?
Cochlear implant surgeries have been cancelled, MRI’s for cochlear implant candidacy have been cancelled and activation for cochlear implants post surgery have been cancelled at select hospitals like Sick Kids. Sunnybrook Hospital is apparently still activating patients post cochlear implant surgery. Hearing should be considered essential.
I also implore anyone who is expecting soon or has any friends that are expecting to follow through with this testing once this all over and spread awareness that this test will not take place before being discharged from the hospital.
If anyone also wants to join with me I would suggest to pass along your thoughts and concerns to Christine Elliott. https://www.christineelliottmpp.ca/contact https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/children-parenting/pregnancy-and-parenting/parenting/speech-language-vision-hearing/hearing/