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No decent paying Jobs for Dentists

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Salary for dental doctors are literally peanuts.

When MBBS doctors are having an upgraded pay scale of a minimum of 40,000Rs in what way are dental doctors different?

We all know the load of dental graduates being produced every academic year is extremely high thanks to the un regulated approval for opening of dental colleges in the past.

Today there aren't if any government jobs for dentist at any government hospitals or even PHCs.

Most BDS graduates i.e 90% fail to get into post graduation courses; MDS seats are so less in availabilty that the aam admi dentist can never imagine to get in his/her's 1st shot of entrance exams and counselling.

So they end up applying for jobs at private practices who do not pay more than 12,000Rs. Many of them work for an average of 5000Rs for a full 9 hour shift which is much less than what a house maid or security gaurd at an ATM earns on a monthly basis.

How can a dental doctor support him self with 5000Rs a month!? Is it not getting too ugly a senario? Does a doctor need to be humiliated to this extent in this gigantic democracy?

I urge Dr. Dibyendu Mazumder President, Dental Council of India, Honourable Minister of Health and family welfare and our beloved PM Narendra Modi Ji to address this crisis and avoid a nation full of unemployed frustrated graduates.

We all know what is the sequel to a region filled with frustrated youth; lets not make micro Jammu and Kashmirs every where.

I Dr Raghu Venkat with great pain and a heavy heart call upon all my fellow dentist brothers and sisters to join this campain to plead for a uplifted life for all we did was aspire to only serve our beloved nation with this noble profession.

Our country has begun to change; Thanks to our PM Narendra Modi Ji,  

Our nation has grown, dental health is no more a luxury, it is in fact a necessity every indian should get. Let them get it sir. Empower your doctors to deliver the basic human right. 

I/we plead for a comprehensive solution to this crisis in all or some  of the ways mentioned below.

  1. National minimum pay scale equivalent to MBBS doctors.
  2. Increase in government jobs at hospitals and PHCs to accomodate current dentist population.
  3. Easy loan schemes for helping dentists to open their own private practice.
  4. Increase government/merit seats for post graduation(MDS) in clinical branches and make them accessible to those dentists who cannot afford to pay Lakhs together.
  5. Regulation of doctors being produced to meet demand.

Thank you.

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